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Aptoide Backup Apps is an Android application that allows one to backup his android applications to his own Aptoide repository.

It's design is fully integrated with Aptoide, only requiring you to login or signup on the first run or whenever you need to change your login data.

You just select the applications you wish to backup, and that's it. You can even set it to automatically backup your newly installed applications, depending on the available network connections.

To install Aptoide Backup Apps, you can use one of the following methods:

  • Download aptoide.apk and install it in your phone:

  • Get it from Aptoide's apps repository through Aptoide

  • Get it from Android Market

  • In your Android phone use the web browser to access m.appsbackup.aptoide.com and follow the link "Install Aptoide Uploader"


Latest Stable Version - 2.0


  • New social networks menu option

  • Login/SignUp flow optimizing


Source Code



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