Aptoide Client




Install Aptoide!

Last stable version: 4.0.1. See the Changelog.

To install Aptoide, you can use one of the following ways:

  • Download aptoide.apk and install it in your phone:
    • Get it from Android Market
      You can search for "aptoide" or use the QR code below:
    • In your Android phone use the web browser to access m.aptoide.com and follow the link "Install Aptoide"
    • Aptoide 2.7.0 - Delta changes: Performance Boost, Interface changes.
    • Aptoide 2.6.1 - Delta changes: Mature content Filtering, AdMob, Interface Changes
    • Aptoide 2.6.0- Delta changes: New Theme, Store update corruption protection, Active Stores updates reminder
    • Aptoide 2.5.4 - Delta changes: Hardware filtering support, Download scheduling ability, Market links handling support
    • Aptoide 2.5.3 - Delta changes: Multi-version support, Read/write likes and comments
    • Aptoide 2.5.2 - Delta changes: Increased reliability/scalability. Auto-updating. Update all. Easier repo add. Scaling splash-scren. New Translations. Bug fixing
    • Aptoide 2.5.1 - Delta changes: Extra application information is fetched and parsed in background. Icon fetching process options(bandwidth saving).
    • Aptoide 2.5.0 - Delta changes: Updating proccess downloads only the diferences betwen your device information and the server information.
    • Aptoide 2.4.3 - Compression added for cliente/server communication. New language support.
    • Aptoide 2.4 - Added support for categories. Supports internal drive devices
    • Aptoide 2.0.2 - Android 1.6 and higher. QRcode basic support
    • Aptoide 2.0.1 - Android 1.6 and higher
    • Aptoide 1.2 - Android 1.6 and higher only. "Updates Available" aware
    • Aptoide 1.0.5 - Android 1.5 support. Basic access to repository and download.



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