Aptoide repository

An Aptoide repository is, in essence, a directory within a server, with the application *.apk files, and an info.xml file, containing all the information about them.
It is this XML file that the Aptoide client will retrieve from a repository, in order to use it to install applications

Next we will show you an automated way to create that info.xml file and get your repository up and running as quickly as possible.

Below is all the information and tools that you will need to create your own Aptoide repository.


As the name suggests, a remote repository implies that you have a server accessible from the web.
Although there are no operating system requirements for the Aptoide repositories, this method assumes you are running some Linux distribution. For this example, we will assume you are also running Apache web server and have the shell client of PHP in order to run PHP scripts in a shell. As a last requirement, you will also need an application to unzip files installed.

Apart from those "web server" requirements, which are all fairly standard, you will need the following files:

  • Our generator script which you can get here.
  • The Google/Android aapt tool. This tool can be found in the Android SDK or, for convenience, you can get it here.

Install and Deploy

After you have all the files above, and have done all the necessary configurations, follow the next steps to create a repository:

  1. Put the file and the appt file in the same directory;
  2. Put all your applications *.apk files together. It's recommended that you put them in a separate folder, as that's were your "real" repository will live;
  3. Open the file, and change the $DIR value to the directory above, were you have all your *.apk's;
  4. Run the file.


That's it!

Your repository has been created, and an info.xml file should be present in your repository directory.

There is a more complete tutorial with pictures of the steps in the documentation area. Reading it is well advised.

If you have encountered any problems, please go to the FAQ. If you don't see your problem there, contact us.

Other install methods.

The information above, is an automatic and fast way to create your repository. However, there are other ways!

Remember that the only thing you need is to create an info.xml file with all the application information, and make it accessible to Aptoide Client.

For more information, browse the "Documentation link", and have a look at the XML File definition.
You may use it to create your own method of populating a repository!

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