Aptoide Uploader




Aptoide Uploader is an Android application that allows one to upload his android applications to his own Aptoide repository, taking advantage of Aptoide's new webservices API.

It's design is fully integrated with Aptoide, only requiring you to login on the first run or whenever you need to change your login data and, on subsequent uses, allowing you not to think about it.

You just select the applications you wish to upload fill out the needed information about those applications one at a time, and that's it.There are several use cases for Aptoide Uploader:
- as a developer, to submit the application that is being tested
- as a user, to make a backup of the installed applications
- as a publisher to submit a set of applications
- as a Android ROM OEM, to centralise in a repo, the applications present in a ROM.

  • Download aptoide.apk and install it in your phone:


Latest Stable Version - 1.3.2



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