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Aptoide is an Android application that let you browse and install software from many different stores. If you have an Android device (smartphone, tablet,..) you can freely use Aptoide to install applications from different sources.

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OEM Partner Program

Contact us to integrate Aptoide in your Android devices. The OEM program doesn't have a license cost, generates income through revenue-share of advertisement and allows you to have detailed statistics of your clients.

Telecom AppStores

Leverage your clients base, licensing Aptoide / Aptoide technology and setting up an Android App Store. Choosing Aptoide, you access the experience and stability of a technology leader while maintaining a short time-to-market.

Aptoide - Own your Market

As a developer or a CIO of a company, setting up a Android App Store could be the easiest way to reach your goals. As a developer, use Aptoide to create your store and upload your applications. As a CIO, create a private store for hosting the enterprise apps for the company employees in Bazaar.

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Ref 2013/13

Job description

Design Web interfaces and assure all process stages: concept, wireframes, image creation and HTML / CSS programming

Design Mobile interfaces for the Android platform

Design of communication supports for the company like flyers, banners, …


  - Minimum experience of 2 years in Design (Web and mobile)
  - Awareness of Usability and User Experience challenges
  - Good knowledge of HTML 4 and 5 and CSS3

Offered conditions


System Administrator

Ref 2013/12

Job description

As a Linux Systems Administrator you will integrate our Backend Engineering Team (BET) and will be responsible for giving support to Aptoide's server infrastructure spread over two datacenters.

We look for highly technical professionals able to ensure reliability and sustainability of Aptoide platform.


Aptoide 4.0.1 is already available!

In this new version you can find:
- Trusted applications: apps free from malware certification;
- Logout feature and better signup;
- Store parsing optimization;
- Download manager in background;
- Tablets layout optimization and much more...
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