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Web Services Documentation

Retrieving application data

This endpoint is deprecated. See:




Supported Formats:


Supported Methods:



Returns all kinds of data from an application.


repo Repository name
apkid Application package ID (example:
apkversion Application version (example: 1.4.2)
options Optional parameters, in the form of property=value seperated by semicolon (optional argument):
Example: options=(token=250213b1a354ef0562bc301ad;cmtlimit=5)
Possible options:
token - Developer token
cmtlimit - Max number of comments to return
subcmtlimit - Max number of sub-comments to return per comment
vercode - Application version code: if passed, this is used instead of apkversion argument.
lang - Language of descriptions and webser_title2s, example: en_GB
mode Return mode/format ('xml' or 'json')


status Request result status (OK or FAIL)
errors Errors log from the request (not existent when status="OK")
sshots Screenshots list
apk Application basic info container:
md5sum - Screenshots list
path - Screenshots list
size - Application size, in bytes
vercode - Application version code
vername - Application version name
likevotes Like votes container:
likes - Count of retrieved likes
dislikes - Count of retrieved dislikes
uservote - User like vote: like, dislike, novote
meta Meta-data container:
webser_title2 - Application webser_title2
description - Application description
permissions Permissions list
comments Comments list:
id - Comment id
useridhash - SHA1 hash of the id of the user who posted the comment
username - Name of the user who posted the comment
answerto - Id of the comment that this comment replies to (if it has no value, this tag/attribute is not returned at all)
subject - Comment subject
text - Comment text
timestamp - Time when the comment was posted
lang - The language code of the comment or null if not defined

Sample Response - XML:

Sample success

      <webser_title2>App Name</webser_title2>
      <description>This application does things.</description>
         <subject>Comment Subject</subject>
         <text>This is a comment!</text>
         <timestamp>2011-07-25 11:25:42.742413</timestamp>

Sample Response - JSON:

Sample success

   "status": "OK",
         "md5sum": "7bba336f3c5033306a96cf58be252008",
         "path": "",
         "size": 1143498,
         "vercode": 4063,
         "vername": "1.4.8"
         "likes": 10255,
         "dislikes": 610,
         "uservote": "like"
         "webser_title2": "App Name",
         "description": "This application does things."
            "id": 773,
            "useridhash": "4146594c9c6ac5407a3123560401170c2756a342",
            "username": "User1",
            "answerto": 560,
            "subject": "Comment Subject",
            "text": "This is a comment!",
            "timestamp": "2011-07-25 11:25:42.742413",
            "lang": "en_GB",