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Web Services Documentation

Validating user login credentials

This endpoint is deprecated. See:




Supported Formats:


Supported Methods:



Validates user login credentials by returning a token (to use in other webservices).


user User id (email)
passhash SHA1 hash of the user password
repo Repository name
mode Return mode/format ('xml' or 'json')


status Request result status (OK or FAIL)
token The user dev token (not existent when status!="OK")
repo "repo" value or default user repository/store otherwise
ravatar_hd HD Avatar URL for returned "repo" repository/store
avatar Avatar URL for returned "repo" repository/store
username The user username
errors Errors log from the request (not existent when status="OK")

Error Codes:

Name Description
AUTH-1 Invalid login credentials!
AUTH-2 Invalid credentials!
AUTH-3 Your account was cancelled. For any questions, contact Aptoide Support team.
AUTH-100 Could not login with Google. Please check your Google account (you may need to validate your email address).
AUTH-101 Could not login with Google. Please try again.
AUTH-102 Could not login with Facebook. Please check your Facebook account (you may need to validate your email address).
AUTH-103 Could not login with Facebook. Please try again.
IARG-200 Invalid oauthToken!
IARG-201 Invalid authMode!
MARG-200 Missing authentication parameter: oauthToken
MARG-201 Missing authentication parameter(s): user and/or password
REPO-1 The provided store does not exist.
REPO-2 The provided store was cancelled.
REPO-3 The provided store does not belong to this user.
SYS-1 An unknown error occurred, please try again.
WOP-1 Your account has a store already. You cannot create another one under the same account.
WOP-2 Invalid name given for your store. The name of a store can only have alphanumeric characters (A to Z and 0 to 9) or hyphens (-), and it cannot start nor end with a hyphen.
WOP-3 A store already exists with the same name. Please give another name for your store.
WOP-4 The store could not be created. Please try again.
WOP-5 You need to give a name for your store.

Using the Web Service (examples):

Sample Response - XML:

Sample success

   <username>Mister Aptoide</username>

Sample Response - JSON:

Sample success

   "token": "57f31fbd02d19ebf59b282aca416ff80ff6a74964e2953db5f674",
   "repo": "my-store",
   "username":"Mister Aptoide"