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Web Services Documentation

Retrieving application data

This endpoint is deprecated. See:




Supported Formats:


Supported Methods:



Returns all kinds of data from an application.


repo Repository name
apkid Application package ID (example:
apkversion Application version (example: 1.4.2)
options Optional parameters, in the form of property=value seperated by semicolon (optional argument):
Example: options=(token=250213b1a354ef0562bc301ad;cmtlimit=5)
Possible options:
token - Developer token
cmtlimit - Max number of comments to return
subcmtlimit - Max number of sub-comments to return per comment
vercode - Application version code: if passed, this is used instead of apkversion argument.
lang - Language of descriptions and webser_title2s, example: en_GB
mode Return mode/format ('xml' or 'json')


status Request result status (OK or FAIL)
apk Apk data
id - Apk ID
repo - Apk repository
package - Apk package
icon - Apk icon
icon_hd - Apk high defenition icon
minSdk - Minimal SDK required by the apk
minScreen - Minimal screen size required by the apk
md5sum - Apk md5sum
path - Apk download path
altpath - secoundary apk download path
size - Apk size in bytes
vercode - Apk version code
vername - Apk version name
permissions - Requires permissions list
media Apk associated media
sshots_hd - Screenshot list with path and orientation (portrait or landscape)
videos - List of videos with type (youtube), url, and thumbnail
meta Application metadata
downloads - Applications downloads
likevotes - Application likes, dislikes and racio between them
title - Application name
description - Application desctiption
news - Application news
wurl - Web url
murl - Mobile url
min_age - Recommended minimun age to use application
flags - Flag votes count (good,license,fake,freeze and virus)
developer - Developer information and other developer packages
categories - Application standard and custom categories lists
comments - Application hierarchical comment list
signature Application signature details
SHA1 - Application signing certificate fingerprint
CN - Application certificate common name
O - Application certificate organization
L - Application certificate locality
ST - Application certificate state
C - Application certificate country code
payment Application payment details
status - Application payment status
amount - Application payment amount

Error Codes:

Name Description
APK-1 No apk was found with the given apkid and apkversion.
APK-2 No apk was found with the given apphashid.
APK-3 apphashid support is disabled for this webservice
APK-4 No apk was found with the given identifier.
IARG-2 Invalid token
IARG-3 Invalid identifier
IARG-100 Invalid cmtlimit!
IARG-101 Invalid subcmtlimit!
MARG-1 Missing repo parameter
MARG-2 Missing apkid parameter
MARG-3 Missing apkversion parameter
SYS-1 An unknown error occurred, please try again.

Sample Response - XML:

Sample success

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      <title>Some title</title>
      <description>A Very interesting Description text</description>
      <news>Very new</news>
            <name>Very Developers</name>
         <custom />
            <text>A Constructive comment</text>
            <timestamp>2014-05-28 16:54:45.023294</timestamp>
            <owned />
            <text>A goood question</text>
            <timestamp>2013-12-24 17:34:33.123645</timestamp>
            <owned />
            <text>A reply to the question</text>
            <timestamp>2014-01-29 18:06:57.971254</timestamp>
            <owned />

Sample Response - JSON:

Sample success

  "status": "OK",
  "apk": {
    "id": 123456,
    "repo": "a-repo",
    "package": "",
    "icon": "",
    "icon_hd": "",
    "minSdk": 5,
    "minScreen": "small",
    "md5sum": "dac8fd05284cd7ac1881e682670be333",
    "path": "",
    "altpath": "",
    "size": 111032,
    "vercode": 1,
    "vername": "1.0",
    "permissions": [
  "media": {
    "sshots_hd": [
        "path": "",
        "orient": "portrait"
        "path": "",
        "orient": "portrait"
        "path": "",
        "orient": "portrait"
        "path": "",
        "orient": "portrait"
  "meta": {
    "downloads": 0,
    "likevotes": {
      "likes": 0,
      "dislikes": 0,
      "rating": 0
    "title": "Some title",
    "description": "A Very interesting Description text",
    "news": "Very new",
    "wurl": "",
    "murl": "",
    "min_age": 0,
    "flags": {
      "votes": {
        "good": 0,
        "license": 0,
        "fake": 0,
        "freeze": 0,
        "virus": 0
    "developer": {
      "info": {
        "name": "Very Developers",
        "email": "",
        "privacy_policy": ""
      "packages": [
    "categories": {
      "standard": [
          "id": 1,
          "name": "Applications",
          "parent": null
          "id": 5,
          "name": "Entertainment",
          "parent": 1
      "custom": []
    "comments": [
        "id": 147475,
        "username": "AUser",
        "text": "A Constructive comment",
        "timestamp": "2014-05-28 16:54:45.023294",
        "lang": "es_ES",
        "owned": false,
        "votes": 1
        "id": 96510,
        "username": "AnotherUser",
        "text": "A goood question",
        "timestamp": "2013-12-24 17:34:33.123645",
        "lang": "fr_FR",
        "owned": false,
        "votes": 1
        "id": 109555,
        "username": "YetAnotherUser",
        "answerto": 96510,
        "text": "A reply to the question",
        "timestamp": "2014-01-29 18:06:57.971254",
        "lang": "fr_FR",
        "owned": false,
        "votes": 1
  "signature": {
    "SHA1": "06:C6:91:E5:DD:82:1A:D9:34:FD:F7:37:46:B1:1C:D2:68:B1:90:AA",
    "CN": "Jarod Yv",
    "O": "",
    "L": "Guangzhou",
    "ST": "Guangzinga",
    "C": "86"
  "payment": {
    "status": "OK",
    "amount": 0