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Web Services Documentation




Supported Formats:


Supported Methods:



Set a review


Name Description Input Details
access_token Authentication access token. TOKEN
Default: null
Properties: • Max length: 512
Example: "cGF1bG8udHJlemVudG9zQGFwdG9pZGUuY29tOkF"
apk_id Apk file ID. +INT31
Default: null
Example: 2422529
apk_md5sum Apk file md5sum. HEXADECIMAL
Default: null
Properties: • Length: 32
Example: "aefde962dae50881d4353089fa8039f1"
app_id Application ID. +INT31
Default: null
Example: 7306243
app_installed Review app installed. BOOLEAN
Default: false
Example: true
body Review body. STRING
Default: null
Properties: • Max length: 1000
Example: "Aptoide: my favourite marketplace."
card_uid Card unique ID. STRING
Default: null
Properties: • Length: 64
Example: "107f6a7de18a73aef0151c7321dd4814c41f911484f1c2e2463d1d40be1fddd6"
info Show API info page. BOOLEAN
Default: false
Example: true
intro Review intro. STRING
Default: null
Properties: • Max length: 140
Example: "The best marketplacet to find games and applications in general."
language Language. STRING
Default: "en"
Properties: • Min length: 2
• Max length: 6
Example: "pt_PT"
meta Origin meta json object. JSON
Default: []
Example: []
mode Review mode. STRING
Default: null
Properties: • Allowed values: "available", "unavailable", "removed"
Example: "available"
outro Review outro. STRING
Default: null
Properties: • Max length: 140
Example: "The number one android market."
package_id Apk package ID. +INT31
Default: null
Example: 240
package_name Apk package name. PACKAGE_NAME
Default: null
Example: ""
rating Review rating. INT32
Default: null
Example: 4
review_id Review ID. +INT31
Default: null
Example: 1472559
status Review status. STRING
Default: null
Properties: • Allowed values: "pending", "approved", "suspended"
Example: "approved"
store_id Store ID. +INT31
Default: null
Example: 15
store_name Store name. DOMAIN_LABEL
Default: null
Example: "apps"
tag_name Tag name. DOMAIN_LABEL
Default: null
Example: "community"
title Review title. STRING
Default: null
Properties: • Max length: 60
Example: "Aptoide: my favourite marketplace."

Mandatory arguments:

This endpoint requires 1 of the following possible combinations of arguments:

• app_id AND rating

• apk_id AND store_id AND rating

• apk_id AND store_name AND rating

• apk_md5sum AND store_id AND rating

• apk_md5sum AND store_name AND rating

• package_id AND store_id AND rating

• package_id AND store_name AND rating

• package_name AND store_id AND rating

• package_name AND store_name AND rating

• card_uid AND rating

• review_id AND rating

• review_id AND status

• review_id AND mode

Arguments Aliases:

This endpoint has the following possible arguments aliases:

• language : lang


Name Description Examples
+INT31 31 bits positive integer:
   1 to 2147483647

• 1

• 5024

• 70733

BOOLEAN Boolean:
   FALSE (0, f, false, no, off)
   TRUE (1, t, true, yes, on)

• 0

• 1

• true

• "f"

DOMAIN_LABEL Web domain label

• "site"

• "my-domain-label"

• "some-other-domain-label"

HEXADECIMAL String of hexadecimal characters

• "e602a3"

• "ff406b8c63e96a963ce592"

• "8843d7f92416211de9ebb963ff4ce28125932878"

INT32 32 bits signed integer:
   -2147483648 to 2147483647

• 0

• 502

• -7012502

JSON JavaScript Object Notation

• {
   "a": "foo",
   "b": "bar",
   "foo": 125,
   "bar": ["x", "y", "z"]

PACKAGE_NAME Java package name

• "com.package.vendor"

• ""

• ""

STRING String of characters

• "a"

• "foobar"

• "Some text"

TOKEN Tokenized string of characters

• "ja-HK_1"

• "AjgI74-ash_86jhgasorw-5234"

• "1Eiayn9Suo3fcgKrQq8qHwCz3MP"


• application/json

Error Codes:

Name Description Http Code
API-1 Invalid value ... for argument '...' 400   Bad Request
API-2 Invalid output '...' 400   Bad Request
API-3 Missing mandatory arguments '...' 400   Bad Request
API-4 At least 1 node must be set 400   Bad Request
API-5 Malformed node at ... 400   Bad Request
API-6 Invalid node '...' 400   Bad Request
API-7 Missing mandatory arguments '...' for condition '...' 400   Bad Request
AUTH-1 Authentication required 401   Unauthorized
AUTH-2 Authentication failed: invalid '...' 401   Unauthorized
AUTH-3 Authentication failed: expired '...' 401   Unauthorized
AUTH-4 Authentication error 500   Internal Server Error
AUTH-5 Access denied: access level ... required 403   Forbidden
AUTH-6 Access denied: not in allowed groups 403   Forbidden
AUTH-7 Access denied: not in allowed countries 403   Forbidden
AUTH-8 Access denied: not in allowed IP addresses 403   Forbidden
AUTH-9 Access denied: not in allowed domains 403   Forbidden
AUTH-10 Access denied: not in allowed origins (CORS) 403   Forbidden
AUTH-11 Access denied: unauthorized user 403   Forbidden
AUTH-12 Access denied: unauthorized operation 403   Forbidden
REVIEW-1 Review '...' not found 404   Not Found
REVIEW-2 Operation not allowed for review 403   Forbidden
SYS-0 (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ 417   Expectation Failed
SYS-1 An unknown system error occurred, please try again 500   Internal Server Error
SYS-2 The system is down for maintenance, please try again later 503   Service Unavailable
SYS-3 Operation timed out, please try again later 504   Gateway Timeout

Sample Request URL:

Request POST data:

package_name : ""

title : "The best android app store"

rating : 5

Sample Response (json):

   "info": {
      "status": "OK",
      "time": {
         "seconds": 0.01124095916748,
         "human": "11 milliseconds"